Inject routes with multiple next-hops in Junos

Inject routes with multiple next-hops in Junos Recently I’ve been working on solutions to scale out terminating VNFs on multiple compute nodes attached to a router via multiple 10GE ports. ECMP is used on the router to spread traffic across these VNFs equally. The routes with multiple next hops (one per operational VNF instance) shall... Continue Reading →


Bye Evernote, hello (Dropbox) Notes Folder

Bye Evernote, hello (Dropbox) Notes Folder I’ve been a heavy Evernote users across my OS/X and IOS devices, but got more and more annoyed about my inability to find notes quickly (UI issue, or more likely, me), lack of Linux client and probably most importantly, no easy way to print/export to PDF. title Thanks to... Continue Reading →

OpenConfig and gRPC Junos Telemetry Interface

OpenConfig and gRPC Junos Telemetry Interface Starting in Junos OS Release 16.1R3 one can request streaming telemetry data using the gRPC framework with vendor-neutral data models based on OpenConfig. Great, but what configuration is required and is there a simple client available to test and troubleshoot it? I recently faced this question myself and found... Continue Reading →

Fetch remote Junos script at startup

I was in need to fetch an operational Junos script from a URL automatically at startup. Junos has such capabilities for a long time and it is based on the idea of downloading the script while an operator configures the script in Junos via CLI: [edit] mwiget@pe1# edit system scripts op file [edit system... Continue Reading →

DHCP Client in Junos vMX

DHCP Client in Junos vMX This is just a quick lab note about successfully enabling DHCP client mode on the management and revenue ports fxp0 and 0/0/x on a vMX running 17.1R1. Background is a cloud deployment, where the interface IP addresses are dynamically assigned via DHCP to the interfaces of the virtual instance. lab@vMX1>... Continue Reading →

vMX explores his surroundings in Amazon AWS

vMX explores his surroundings in Amazon AWS Recently I started exploring ways in Junos to program IP routes in Amazon AWS EC2 using their REST API. Junos 16.1 not only comes with Python 2.7.x, but also with all the default modules and some extras, like PyEz: Understanding Python Automation Scripts for Devices Running Junos OS.... Continue Reading →

MQTT on Juniper devices with Junos 16.1R1

MQTT on Juniper devices with Junos 16.1R1 For decades, syslog and snmp traps have been extensively used to receive event notifications from devices. It typically required an operator to configure the event category and severity level on the devices and where to send the events to. Fast forward to today and thanks to a generic... Continue Reading →

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